Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sex Change.

Over the last few weeks at uni I have been looking in to the sexualisation of women within the media, focusing on the male gaze and the stereotypes that come with being female. Why is it that we try to look a certain way in order to be deemed sexy? Personally, I wouldn't know as I have had "DORK" stamped on my head since my mother gave birth to me 21 years ago, but it IS true that there are certain types of clothing that bring out the sex goddess in all of us.

This got me thinking about the transitions of the fashion season and it's effect on how we play on our sexuality. The recent change from Autumn/Winter 2011 to Spring/Summer 2012 couldn't demonstrate my theory any better; go back a couple of months and we were all sporting black lace, sheer fabrics, body harnesses and suspender tights, but the image we see on both the catwalks and the highstreet today is certainly a stark contrast. It's all about playing on your femininity, pastel shades, dresses and frills are the order of the day and the phrase "pretty in pink" has never sounded so sweet.

Here are just a few of my favourite contrasting runway edits...

Chanel Fall 2011
Chanel Spring 2012
Alexander McQueen 2011
Alexander McQueen 2012

Arguably extremely different, but perhaps equally as sexy? Skin tight, legs and boobs out may be the obvious choice in an attempt to look sexy, but I believe there is still sex appeal in dressing in a traditionally feminine manner...besides it leaves more to the imagination.

For me this spring, it's going to be all about the pretty dresses and florals...If anyone knows of a BEAUTIFUL maxi dress that would suit a matchstick frame get in touch, there is a place in my wardrobe with it's name on.

Amy x

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