Friday, 23 March 2012

My Lust List.

After a sneaky trip in to town, I have come away with a list as long as my arm of new purchases that I can only dream of buying (at least until pay day), so I thought that I would share just a few of my lusts and loves with you guys.

All in one swimsuit, £28, Accessorize
I have not worn a one piece since
the torture of school swimming lessons
but this is SUPER CUTE.
Floral Rucksack, £32, Accessorize
WELL...I am known for being a dork so
this practical and stylish bag would be
perfect for uni.
Spotty Denim Skirt, £34, TOPSHOP
This looked really nice teamed with a white
cropped tee...perfect for Spring.

Coral Maxi Beach Dress, £32, River Island
Ok, so this is a dress for the beach but I would wear it
out too, it fitted like a glove, only problem being it's a TAD
see through. WANT WANT WANT!
Turquoise Shorts, £28, TOPSHOP
There is nothing to say about these, other than
I love them and they need to be mine.
The afternoon was a bit of a disaster, as I went out with the intention of treating myself for getting though another term at Uni (not that it was too tough - but it seemed a valid reason) however, everything I wanted was either too big or too pricey...SO I came away with a new lipstick, some underwear, tights and deodorant; welcome to the glamorous lifestyle of a fashion student!

Amy x

P.S. I am still looking for either a sheer maxi dress or maxi skirt, would really appreciate some ideas <3

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