Wednesday, 28 March 2012


At a recent and rare visit to the cinema (sadly I am one of those that somehow manages to fall asleep through most films...useless I know)  to see the eagerly awaited The Woman In Black, the previous few weeks of uni work and focus on the fashion years zeitgeist all fell in to place. 

I am swiftly learning that fashion inspiration can be drawn from anywhere and I really do mean ANYWHERE; whether it be food, science, nature or any other unusual sources, colour ways, textures and shapes - perfect for a brand new collection can come from the most unlikely of places, films being perhaps one of the more obvious influences.

Snow White and The Huntsman, 2012
Whilst sitting munching on my popcorn and choccie, watching the new film release adverts, I found myself critically analysing the costumes and their effects on the current trending, within both the high street and on the catwalk this season. The comparisons were endless and one film in particular that stood out to me for its fashion references was Snow White and The Huntsman, its dramatic and perhaps theatrical costumes were eye catching and magical.

Snow White and The Huntsman, 2012
Flicking through current contemporary magazines I can already see a "princess" theme occurring, with overly feminine garments covered in glitter and sparkle. I am adamant that by the time the film is released at the cinema, our wardrobes will have been transformed in to a fairytale land, bulging out with whimsical clothing fit for any fairy godmother, and indeed Snow White herself (get your wands at the ready).

Anya Hindmarch, Glitter Apple Bag, £895

Rodarte, Spring/Summer 2012
The Woman In Black also provided some AMAZING costumes, with the Victorian era being one of my favourites. Despite it not having the potential to become one of this seasons leading trends, subtle influences can be (and have been) drawn in to our day to day fashion choices...has anyone noticed the come back of blouses and ruffles?

Fashion really is everywhere.

Amy x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Mate Oscar.

Clicking through the latest catwalk edits on (an absolute god send of a website) I came across an old favourite, that admittedly I have neglected for a few seasons, but WOW how it is back and with a new image too...Oscar De La Rente's Spring/Summer 2012 collection is impossible to miss. 

The designer brand has taken a massive leap in the right direction (if improvements are even possible for this near perfect man) and he has COMPLETELY given his look a revamp. The collection can only be described as eclectic, high in colour, confidence and energy, made up with some of THE most stunning show stopper dresses I have ever seen; I just had to share a few images with you.

Oscar De La Rente, Spring/Summer 2012
Oscar De La Rente, Spring/Summer 2012
Oscar De La Rente, Spring/Summer 2012
Oscar De La rente, Spring/Summer 2012
Oscar De La Rente, Spring/Summer 2012
These undeniably eye catching dresses, combined with dramatic Arizonian hair styles make a statement big enough to make your jaw touch the floor and maybe even dribble a little (well it did me anyway). I particularly love the delicate black lace cropped top, placed on top of a dramatic yellow balloon silhouette . PERFECTION.

Welcome back, the new and improved OSCAR DE LA RENTE. We salute you.

Amy x

Friday, 23 March 2012

My Lust List.

After a sneaky trip in to town, I have come away with a list as long as my arm of new purchases that I can only dream of buying (at least until pay day), so I thought that I would share just a few of my lusts and loves with you guys.

All in one swimsuit, £28, Accessorize
I have not worn a one piece since
the torture of school swimming lessons
but this is SUPER CUTE.
Floral Rucksack, £32, Accessorize
WELL...I am known for being a dork so
this practical and stylish bag would be
perfect for uni.
Spotty Denim Skirt, £34, TOPSHOP
This looked really nice teamed with a white
cropped tee...perfect for Spring.

Coral Maxi Beach Dress, £32, River Island
Ok, so this is a dress for the beach but I would wear it
out too, it fitted like a glove, only problem being it's a TAD
see through. WANT WANT WANT!
Turquoise Shorts, £28, TOPSHOP
There is nothing to say about these, other than
I love them and they need to be mine.
The afternoon was a bit of a disaster, as I went out with the intention of treating myself for getting though another term at Uni (not that it was too tough - but it seemed a valid reason) however, everything I wanted was either too big or too pricey...SO I came away with a new lipstick, some underwear, tights and deodorant; welcome to the glamorous lifestyle of a fashion student!

Amy x

P.S. I am still looking for either a sheer maxi dress or maxi skirt, would really appreciate some ideas <3

The Media Hype.

I have just returned from a really inspiring lecture given by Mario Roman from The London College of Fashion. He spoke about the effects that social media has had on fashion over the years and I must say that it was a true eye opener.

Being brought up in an age where in our early years we were introduced to computers and mobile phones; its extremely hard to imagine a world without it...imagine not being able to check your Facebook news feed every day, check out the latest fashions online and a time when blogging certainly didn't exist.

People may frown upon our "addiction" to Facebook and other media sources, but the truth is Fashion today could not survive without it. Smart phone apps make fashion available at your fingertips and hyperlinks on websites and blogs allow you to connect to the outside world in a single click, gaining both personal opinions and hard facts..."Fast Fashion" is what we all crave for.

Even the more traditional secondary resources such as contemporary magazines, have changed and adapted to suit the technological advances that happen on a weekly basis, allowing readers to further their interests by following up links on the internet. The two have combined to give Fashion an edge making research and of course shopping an efficient and enjoyable experience.

Vogue Magazine
Vogue I-Phone Application
Despite one of my favourite things in the whole world being able to purchase the latest copy of Vogue and flick through its glossy media has well and truly changed the way we view Fashion and will continue to do so for years to come.

Amy x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sex Change.

Over the last few weeks at uni I have been looking in to the sexualisation of women within the media, focusing on the male gaze and the stereotypes that come with being female. Why is it that we try to look a certain way in order to be deemed sexy? Personally, I wouldn't know as I have had "DORK" stamped on my head since my mother gave birth to me 21 years ago, but it IS true that there are certain types of clothing that bring out the sex goddess in all of us.

This got me thinking about the transitions of the fashion season and it's effect on how we play on our sexuality. The recent change from Autumn/Winter 2011 to Spring/Summer 2012 couldn't demonstrate my theory any better; go back a couple of months and we were all sporting black lace, sheer fabrics, body harnesses and suspender tights, but the image we see on both the catwalks and the highstreet today is certainly a stark contrast. It's all about playing on your femininity, pastel shades, dresses and frills are the order of the day and the phrase "pretty in pink" has never sounded so sweet.

Here are just a few of my favourite contrasting runway edits...

Chanel Fall 2011
Chanel Spring 2012
Alexander McQueen 2011
Alexander McQueen 2012

Arguably extremely different, but perhaps equally as sexy? Skin tight, legs and boobs out may be the obvious choice in an attempt to look sexy, but I believe there is still sex appeal in dressing in a traditionally feminine manner...besides it leaves more to the imagination.

For me this spring, it's going to be all about the pretty dresses and florals...If anyone knows of a BEAUTIFUL maxi dress that would suit a matchstick frame get in touch, there is a place in my wardrobe with it's name on.

Amy x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Dream.

This choreography by Travis Wall, nominated recently for being one of the worlds greatest, has just had me close to tears. Dance is a massive passion of mine, something that I have sadly had to forfeit for the past three years to gain a degree from university. I don't regret my decision but I miss it...A LOT. I miss not being able to express myself in the way that I found easiest and being able to release all my emotions and put them in to a beautiful piece of art.

 I WILL go back to it though, I haven't given up on my dream just yet.

Amy x

Pure Pandora Perfection.

Diamonds are a girls best friend...well, for most. Expensive jewellery has never really bothered me, when my friends spoke of their dream wedding rings being covered in the biggest, best and most expensive bling around, I always swore that I would be happy with a plastic statement ring from TOPSHOP. That was, until the delicate yet fashionably perfect Pandora was brought to my attention and now, 1 bracelet and 12 charms in...I am looking for my next investment.

My own Pandora Charm Bracelet, Bracelet £50 and Charms starting from £30, Pandora
What I love about the Pandora brand, is how it focuses on creating an experience that is personal to every customer. My bracelet for example, each charm tells a story about my life and brings back many a happy memory. It's not only the jewellery itself that stands out, but the packaging is equally unforgettable, adding to the overall Pandora experience. 

2012 has seen the launch of the Pandora Birthstone Ring Collection and for a mere £40 each, I AM IN LOVE. Like the rest of the rings in store, they are designed to be built up and layered on top of each other, to add a personal touch and a unique image for each Pandora lover. My stone is a wonderfully bold Citrine set in sterling silver, representing success and prosperity...sounds pretty promising to me!

Birthstone Rings, £40 each, Pandora
Maybe one of these little gems could be a cheeky Easter gift to myself...I work hard after all.

Amy x

Dr. Martens...Pretty In Pink.

Walking through West Quay - window shopping only AS ALWAYS (being a student is SO tough)  I spotted these pink beauties, lets face it, they are pretty hard to miss!

Hot Pink Dr. Martens £85, OFFICE
I can't say that this vibrant pair are my normal choice of shoe, but WOWEE they are beautiful. Sadly £85 is a little out of my price range right now - so I am watching ebay with a very close eye, waiting to pounce on a magical bargain; that would without doubt add a splash of colour to my currently LACKING footwear collection.

Check out the OFFICE website for a fab array of Dr. Marten boots - we may be heading towards Spring, but there are some AMAZING coloured and even floral options that shouldn't be missed!

Amy x

Friday, 16 March 2012

All Shiny and New.

So here's how the story far my blog has featured written trend updates, forecasts and reports of in depth fashion fads that have been drawn to my attention; this is mainly down to the fact that trending is a MASSIVE interest of mine and is definitely something that I would like to pursue in the future (well, a girl can only dream right?). 
 I want to give the world an insight in to what makes me, ME.

This brand new edition is a page dedicated to all things that glitter and sparkle enough to catch my eye. A day to day fashion diary showing just about everything that I LOVE about life - and believe me there is A LOT!

It's time to get to know each other and for me to show you guys what makes me tick.
This is going to get personal...

Amy x