Friday, 23 March 2012

The Media Hype.

I have just returned from a really inspiring lecture given by Mario Roman from The London College of Fashion. He spoke about the effects that social media has had on fashion over the years and I must say that it was a true eye opener.

Being brought up in an age where in our early years we were introduced to computers and mobile phones; its extremely hard to imagine a world without it...imagine not being able to check your Facebook news feed every day, check out the latest fashions online and a time when blogging certainly didn't exist.

People may frown upon our "addiction" to Facebook and other media sources, but the truth is Fashion today could not survive without it. Smart phone apps make fashion available at your fingertips and hyperlinks on websites and blogs allow you to connect to the outside world in a single click, gaining both personal opinions and hard facts..."Fast Fashion" is what we all crave for.

Even the more traditional secondary resources such as contemporary magazines, have changed and adapted to suit the technological advances that happen on a weekly basis, allowing readers to further their interests by following up links on the internet. The two have combined to give Fashion an edge making research and of course shopping an efficient and enjoyable experience.

Vogue Magazine
Vogue I-Phone Application
Despite one of my favourite things in the whole world being able to purchase the latest copy of Vogue and flick through its glossy media has well and truly changed the way we view Fashion and will continue to do so for years to come.

Amy x

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