Sunday, 26 May 2013

My Hectic Week As An Intern.

This week has been hectic. A weekend of work, followed by a week of interning for the fabulous design company I Love Dust, rounded off with ANOTHER weekend of work. It’s fair to say, it was a VERY realistic insight in to the working world…and it is also fair to say, I am shattered.

The wonderful print and choccies for the I Love Dust team!
Feeling sorry for myself aside, despite the early mornings, I thoroughly enjoyed my few days in the industry. For those of you who don’t know, my work was hand picked by I Love Dust after working on a PR related project, collaborating with fashion company B-Side and the before mentioned design studio; which then won me this week of experience with the talented team at Dust.

I Love Dust is a hugely successful illustration and animation company working with the likes of Nike, Karl Lagerfeld and Converse to name just a few.
Despite not being in my field of expertise (if I can call it that yet), I was excited to see how a professional unit worked.

I Love Dust Website

As this was my first PROPER internship with a renowned company, I was beyond nervous on the initial morning commute. You know that horrible feeling in your tummy, where hundreds of butterflies are fluttering about, trying to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible? Yeah, I had that! With my brain filled with thoughts of “What if I can’t find the studio and I’m late?” (Despite being on an unnecessarily early train with plenty of time to spare), “What if I can’t do what they ask me to?” and “What if the team don’t like me?”…

Trying to find the studio was confirmation that I really should wear my glasses more often, the location couldn’t have been ANY closer to the station, yet I still managed to make a magical mystery tour for myself. Once I did eventually get there, (it was a little awkwardly sign posted – in my defense) I was greeted by a lovely lady called Alice Isaac – Project Manager for the team and my buddy for the week ahead; as well as being introduced to a dashing panel of 13 males, making up the rest of the I Love Dust gang.

The studio was AMAZING, large wooden desks, intricate art work and even a skate ramp! It was such a cool environment and on my guided tour I was informed of their secret beer fridge and that the team baked cakes on a REGULAR basis…anyone who knows me, knows how happy I am around food, so my nerves instantly took a back seat and I was more excited at the prospect of a slice of heaven for elevens’.

I Love Dust Studio - From Website.
I was given my own huuuge mac and desk space and that was it - I was off. My week was spent doing general jobs, making the odd tea (and slicing their yummy cakes) as well as doing a bit of writing for their new website, set to launch in a few weeks time. I was slightly disappointed by the lack of things for me to help them with – but on reflection this was to be expected of an Illustration company, as my drawing skills are certainly nothing to shout about.

Despite feeling a little underworked at times, there were so many things that I took away from my short time with I Love Dust, which will stand me in good stead for the future. My confidence is 10 times higher than it was at the start of the week, I got a great introduction to the fast paced life of being within the creative industry and most importantly, I have a lot more belief in myself…bring on the next internship!

p.s. They had a cute little puppy called Bosko too! Now, I am not an animal lover in the slightest – but this little chap managed to win me over.

Bosko the pup - I Love Dust Website

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Best Is Yet To Come.

I well and truly feel a stranger to my own blog. These last few months have been some of the toughest I have ever been through. I have created a shop, blogged A LOT about said shop (, worked two jobs, built an installation, spent hours…and I mean HOURS of my time hidden from sunlight, beavering away at what was to be my last EVER hand in; (If you are interested in checking out what I created have a cheeky peak… as well as sorting out my relationship, working out what was to happen next in my life AND trying to have a bit of fun here and there! I am sure you can forgive me for being just a little neglectful.

So that’s it, I have completed my degree and I feel…STRANGE! I imagined completing a degree to be one of the closest ways to feel on top of the world and don’t get me wrong, I DO feel on top of the world, but leaving education and entering the real world is such a huge mix of emotions! I am ready for it though, Solent has been many things for me – great friends, a lovely boyfriend…but the one thing I have learnt without doubt, is just how passionate I am about the fashion industry; I have never wanted to be a part of something more than this. After sacrificing my love for dancing through a horrible illness, I never thought that I would be as obsessed with anything ever again…but fashion just feels right.

I don’t want to be a designer that makes pretty dresses, or a model that wears those pretty dresses – I want to travel the world and see all the other areas of fashion that go unnoticed, I want to be a trend forecaster (and blogger of course). This next stage in my life is the first stepping-stone to making all of the above happen, there will be a lot of changes and probably a few tears shed at the prospect of leaving my home in Southampton, but I am SO EXCITED at the thought of what my future may hold and I can’t wait to write about all of my adventures along the way!

I am back and ready to start becoming the person I truly want to be; with the journey starting tomorrow, where I will begin a short internship with fashion company I LOVE DUST…to say I am nervous is an understatement, but BRING IT ON!

The best is yet to come…I can’t wait to see my own future!