Saturday, 17 March 2012

Pure Pandora Perfection.

Diamonds are a girls best friend...well, for most. Expensive jewellery has never really bothered me, when my friends spoke of their dream wedding rings being covered in the biggest, best and most expensive bling around, I always swore that I would be happy with a plastic statement ring from TOPSHOP. That was, until the delicate yet fashionably perfect Pandora was brought to my attention and now, 1 bracelet and 12 charms in...I am looking for my next investment.

My own Pandora Charm Bracelet, Bracelet £50 and Charms starting from £30, Pandora
What I love about the Pandora brand, is how it focuses on creating an experience that is personal to every customer. My bracelet for example, each charm tells a story about my life and brings back many a happy memory. It's not only the jewellery itself that stands out, but the packaging is equally unforgettable, adding to the overall Pandora experience. 

2012 has seen the launch of the Pandora Birthstone Ring Collection and for a mere £40 each, I AM IN LOVE. Like the rest of the rings in store, they are designed to be built up and layered on top of each other, to add a personal touch and a unique image for each Pandora lover. My stone is a wonderfully bold Citrine set in sterling silver, representing success and prosperity...sounds pretty promising to me!

Birthstone Rings, £40 each, Pandora
Maybe one of these little gems could be a cheeky Easter gift to myself...I work hard after all.

Amy x

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