Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Back In The Game.

Oh wow, hello strangers. I’m finally putting pen to paper (I hand write all my articles before typing them up…call me old fashioned) and getting to grips again with my own blog. It’s been so long, that I have almost forgotten how to talk about myself. Almost.

Where have I been hiding? I hear you ask. And the honest answer is nowhere particularly exciting, these past few months I have spent getting to grips with the fact that I currently work full time within retail, I am officially a slave to H&M, trying desperately hard to save enough money to move comfortably to London (or somewhere around there), where hopefully I will be living the dream that I have spent SO long fantasising about.

I must admit, there have been times where it seems out of reach, but thanks to a pep talk from a certain special Afro, I am feeling more motivated than ever and am finally ready to get the ball rolling.

OBSERVATION NO.1: Flats are bloody expensive in the big city.

First Day Nerves
I last left off telling you all about an internship I was soon to be doing at LOOK Magazine…I know I am a little late, but I feel it only right to share a few snippits of my experience with everyone.

Firstly, I must point out and strongly emphasise that my time with the mag was the highlight of my 2013. There has been a lot of negative press recently surrounding placements and the fact that they are often unpaid. I fully agree that this is an unrealistic expectation money wise for most (working for free in the most expensive area of the UK is certainly a challenge), not only this but often companies want you to work (unpaid) for extensive periods of time which again, unless you are a millionaire, isn’t feasible. It would be more reassuring if it was confirmed that after serving your time as an intern, a job within the industry was yours for the taking; but the truth of the matter is that you could essentially be a slave to fashion for years before getting hired.

Having said all this and resigning myself to the fact that getting to where I want to be isn’t going to be easy, my time at LOOK Magazine proved to be more beneficial than I ever imagined.

My FIRST ever published advertorial!

The fashion team were incredible and really made you feel like a valued member of the magazine. Naturally, doing the typical intern job of “returns” was involved, which I actually grew to really enjoy, as it was a chance to nose at the latest high street must haves (and dance to the radio with the other interns). But there were also many rewarding highlights, such as assisting on photoshoots…a definite fave for me, as you got to help and observe the stylists putting the outfits together, whilst also getting stuck in to dressing the models and essentially putting a hand to any job that would make the shoot run smoothly. One of my shoots involved blowing up MASSIVE helium balloons and ensuring that they were well behaved during the shoot – there was a lot of chasing and jumping involved. Also, I must point out that there is ALWAYS an array of food on offer; the rumour that models don’t eat certainly didn’t apply here…sweets and cakes galore!

Spot my name in the credits
New Look Photoshoot

During my time at LOOK my name, as well as the other interns names were featured in the credits AND on relevant shoots, which made us all feel really rather official; I have kept every issue and if I were allowed, probably would frame them too! The team did inform us that the novelty wears off after a while…

We also got the chance to feature in a “Street style Ad, for New Look”, where we were given outfits by the stylists and were thrown in front of the camera. It’s fair to say that posing is not for me, I look more like a rabbit caught in the headlights, rather than resembling any sort of natural beauty, but it was fun to see myself in the magazine.

The icing on top of the cake however, was working as the Junior Assistant Debbie’s right hand man on the Fashion desk, I got to be really involved with the production process and even got to write my very first published advertorial. An amazing end to the best month ever.

Cake Friday with Charlotte
Intern Team Doodles

On top of this, I fell in love with Charlotte and Isobel (the other interns), they were both beauts and made my experience so much fun, singing to the radio, many a comical lunch break and Cake Friday to name just a few. I was also reunited with my oldest and “bestest” friend Emma, who was kind enough to put me up on a very extravagant air bed for the month – special mention to her partner Terry who had to put up with our antics.

I also turned 23, graduated with a First Class Honours (finally!) and spent quality time with Matt.

It’s fair to say that November was the best and most memorable month EVER!

You’ll be pleased to know that my rambling is coming to an end (for now) but I would like to leave you with a new blog to check out… My lovely friend Charlotte is an incredible stylist!
(Feel free to nose at my Fashion feature writing too…

Over and out.