Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Olympics Blues.

So the Olympic ceremony has drawn to a close and I must admit, that even though I take the Gold Medal for being the least sporty person in my family, I am pretty gutted that it's all over. Not only did I get in to watching the amazing talent of the best athletes in the world day in, day out, but the hype surrounding Team GB was phenomenal. The whole country got behind the fortnight of events, as London played host, to what in my opinion, was one of the greatest Olympic games to date. The sense of togetherness was so tight that our team were unstoppable and the support from every inch of the country was heart warming, proving that people from all walks of life CAN work together in harmony.

After the strong lead of the opening ceremony, I was worried that what was to follow would not live up to everyone's wrong was I?!? London really saved the best till last, pulling out one of the best performances the world has ever seen; with some of the greatest music acts working alongside the thousands of Olympic volunteers, that helped to make the event so great (I desperately wish that I was one of them).

Despite, just getting in to the general patriotic spirit of things, my fashion eye was never too far away. Here are just a few of my favourite style moments from the closing ceremony...

Muse pulled out a showstopper with this AMAZING
 glittery jacket with the GB flag peeking through.

Take That were on trend as ever with their military inspired suits.

The volunteers lit up the outline of the Union Jack with these
on trend, electric blue bowler hats...adding a sense
of quirkiness with a light bulb for decoration.

My hero Darcy Bussell rocked out in an electric unitard, fitting in well
with this seasons Gothic Punk trend.
The highlight of my evening however, closely followed by the Spice Girls, was the incorporation of British fashion within the ceremony...and of course my main man McQueen. It was exciting to see that Seb Coe realised the close links between fashion, music, art and even sport; with the best of British house names being flaunted down possibly the BIGGEST catwalk of even supermodel Kate Moss' career. Despite my enthusiasm for the industry getting some of the recognition they deserve, I do have my reservations...the without doubt stunning models - a piece of art in themselves - were made to walk the length of the "Union Jack catwalk" in a some what dated manner. Fashion has moved on leaps and bounds since runway began in the early 1900's, with the introduction to street style and the digital world pushing fashion in to a new my opinion, the brief almost emotionless walk didn't do this justice; never the less, the chosen dresses were FANTASTIC.

British Fashion at its BEST.
All in all, the closing ceremony gave me goosebumps, brought tears to my eyes and most of all made me EXTREMELY proud to be British. We are such an amazing country and London 2012 proved this to the world, I can't WAIT for the Paralympics.

Amy x

P.S. The internship is in full swing and I have even been offered a managerial position...updates to follow soon.

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  1. That was really wonderful! Thank you for the show and great organization!