Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fifty Shades of Glitter.

Designer and high street collaborations are my new favourite thing; fashion names out of reach to an average Joe like myself, suddenly become affordable for a limited time only...I mean why wouldn't you love them, when sexy men (a.k.a David Beckham), meet with the likes of H&M, providing us with an endless supply of enlarged Becks and his...erm...golden balls!

Louise Gray, Scottish Fashion Designer
This Summer (can we call it that still?), a certain Louise Gray has sprinkled her magic all over the floors of high street leader Topshop. Her unique and quirky designs, exploding with glitter and colour, make it impossible not to smile inside; which is certainly a good thing with the weather being as it has been.

Something I admire about Gray, is her playful attitude towards fashion. So many designers get bogged down with the political elements and serious issues surrounding the industry, but Scottish born Louise brings a HUGE element of fun to her collections...appreciating that everybody likes to be different.

Louise Gray, Scottish Fashion Designer
Her style (and AMAZING blue eyebrows) can only be described as eclectic, with her new line for Topshop 2012 being exactly that! She cleverly incorporates colours, textures and hand silk screened fabrics in to her garments; creating a playful look that is fit for anyone with a big enough personality to fill it.

Louise Gray, TOPSHOP August 2012
Not only has she introduced some eye catching "glitter-tastic" outfits, but she has gone that one step further by adding a bit of sparkle in to our make up bags. I am in LOVE with the nail varnish selection and will definitely be buying in to the neon-glitter magic, that is Louise Gray. (Available in Stores from August 2012)

Amy x

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