Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Ok, I know I ALWAYS speak of  Alexander McQueen - but he truly was my hero and the starting point for my love for just allow my ramblings, ok?!

Today's mention is slightly different; taking a look at the diffusion line McQ. as it makes its first debut down the catwalk for Autumn/Winter 2012. What can I say - PURE GENIUS!

Sarah Burton has managed to re-ignite the flame that sadly died away with the design legend back in 2010 and two years on, the sparks are certainly flying; this wearable collection of both mens and womens clothing, couldn't go without a mention.

McQ. Fall 2012
McQ. Fall 2012
McQ. Fall 2012
McQ. Fall 2012
The catwalk was lined with hundreds upon thousands of Autumn leaves, making that satisfying crunch as the models worked the runway. Designs started off fairly minimal yet skillfully crafted, in neutral shades of greens and khakis. As the show progressed bold florals and patriotic tartans were introduced, with undertones of black lace adding that element of darkness, typical of any McQueen show. The climax however, being a porcelain model wearing an equally porcelain laced dress, following a rope that lead her in to a brightly lit forest shown in the distance; some say this was to represent McQueen's own escape to heaven...a truly beautiful tribute.

And what to say about the wild mushroom inspired hair-do's? I think they speak for themselves!

Reasons why I LOVE Alexander McQueen:

1. The designs have a huge theatrical, over the top influence and having always been one for performance arts myself, this is always a crowd pleaser.
2. The juxtaposition of bright, colourful garments against an underlying dark side is exciting and I like to think this is EVER SO SLIGHTLY represented in my own style.

Amy x

P.S. I took the plunge and bought a hat may follow soon, if I am feeling brave enough <3

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