Friday, 20 July 2012


With no money AT ALL and a long, long wait for the next student loan to come in; clothes seem to have become that little bit more appealing to me; knowing that they are well and truly out of my reach (for now). This hasn't stopped me however, from eyeing up the latest high street additions for Autumn/Winter 2012, making a mental wish list as I go.

Popular high street chain H&M, go up and down in my estimations almost monthly; with their affordable fashion being a bit hit and miss. One thing that you can't knock them for however, is their dedication to bringing us the best prices...which, despite my roller-coaster of emotions towards the brand, keeps me coming back for more. This fashion season however, I have fallen head over heels for the latest Divided collection.Through brilliant advertising both in store and in the media, H&M have created a bold, urban collection, making a statement in an extremely wearable way. In my opinion it even has a slight punk rock edge...which I absolutely LOVE.

H&M Autumn/Winter 2012
H&M Autumn/Winter 2012
H&M Autumn/Winter 2012
Bold blazers, white shirts, braces and hats will be just a few of the key trends this season and I for one certainly can't WAIT to get my hands on them...first I have to convince myself that I look socially acceptable in any sort of hat!

River Island 2012
In keeping with the edginess of this campaign, I have fallen in LOVE with these high-waisted tartan trousers, from fellow high street competitor River Island. Teamed with biker boots (maybe even Dr Martens...if I ever convince myself to take the plunge) and a white shirt, £35 seems a fair price to pay for such a versatile "punky" addition to your wardrobe. EEEEK I can't wait for my favourite fashion season to be in full flow.

On another note, I received my end of year results this morning and came out overall with a FIRST, all the hard work paid off and I couldn't be happier...third year I am ready for you!

Amy x

P.S. I have an interview for an Internship on Monday...wish me luck <3

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