Sunday, 22 September 2013

H&M Flagship Launch and Fashion Week Roundup.

So that’s it, London has had enough Fashion for one season and the power of the catwalk moves on to another stylish city. Despite not being there, I tried to keep up to date with the highlights as much as possible and had three stand out favourites; all of which were a bit girly…but hey, everyone has to embrace Pastels in spring.

Peter Pilotto, SS14 ( 
Firstly, Peter Pilotto, who took influence from a ceramicist artist, sent the most stunning and to some extent sickly sweet looks down the runway. All of his garments using layers and lace to create a dappled effect, similar to the work of his artist muse. I loved how he created a ladylike look by more often than not, emphasizing the hourglass shape. Using cut outs and lace to reveal flesh, for a modern take on demure.

Mary Katrantzou, SS14 (
Burberry Prorsum, SS14 (
Next was Mary Katrantzou, who used the unique concept of “shoes” to inspire her latest collection. I wasn’t such a fan of the Brogue prints and oversized shoelaces, but towards the end of the show her renowned talent for print shone through. Just how incredible and beautifully striking are these frilly, floral garments; providing a real sense of fantasy.

Finally, Burberry Prorsum. Christopher Bailey gets stronger every season, with SS14 being a particular favourite of mine. He got EVERYTHING right – the colours, the shapes, the fabric’s…everything. The whole collection was extremely ladylike with a slight hidden element of erotica, a celebration of strong women. I tell you now, I would feel beyond powerful in ANY of his looks…British fashion at its finest.

H&M Launch Day Cupcakes
In the real world, I am working my little bottom off in H&M, trying to earn and save ready for my move to London, hopefully sooner rather than later! (these VERY unglamorous 6.30am starts better be worth a happy ending!) I have already met some great people at work and have some very supportive managers by my side, so job wise things are going ok! Last Thursday was the launch of the new Flagship store in Cheltenham and the whole day (despite being long) had such a great buzz about it…champagne breakfast, buffet lunch, H&M cupcakes and a live DJ, it can’t be bad! It made me love the fashion world even more, all be it on a small scale for now.

I was also offered another internship this week with the prestigious I.D magazine, for three months, starting next week. Sadly, for numerous reasons I had to turn it down; but it was reassuring to know that they were interested…got to take away some positives, right?

Trousers £35, River Island
Polka Dot Shirt £12.99 and Boots £29.99, H&M
What with working hard n’all and receiving a cheeky bit of extra H&M discount (job perks); I have treated myself to a few new style purchases…including the trousers I mentioned in my previous post, WOOPSIE! I am SO excited for winter, as the colder months lead to better fashion…which leads to shopping!

I hope everyone has had a stylish week!

P.S. My driving lessons are going surprisingly well; hopefully I won’t be a bus wanker for too much longer!

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