Sunday, 6 October 2013

One Month To Go.

This weekend in four weeks time, I will be heading to the big smoke for a month. Not only will I be interning at LOOK Magazine (hugely excited) but it will also be the first time that I get a proper taste of what it’s like to live and work in the city. Luckily I have a few special friends and a lovely boyfriend near by to make my stay less daunting; but I really can’t wait for the experience to begin and for a whole month of fashion fun!

Enjoying my new boots, perhaps a little too much, £29,99 H&M
The last few weeks have been a bit of a bumpy ride in terms of my future. It’s been really hard to weigh out the importance of staying in H&M earning money, in comparison to heading to London for three months of unpaid, fashion related experience (I definitely know which one I would prefer). As I previously mentioned I was offered an internship with I.D magazine (which I sadly turned down), a few days later I was offered another three month placement with Stylist; a magazine that I really admire. Again, my head out won my gut instinct and I had to say no…I hate the importance of money at times!

BUT, through all my frustration, I am so thrilled to have even been selected by the companies at all; it is giving me hope that if I continue to work hard, good things will happen to those who wait! Making me even more excited and determined to make this fast approaching, month in London count and I have recently set a goal of early Spring, to be my target for moving near the capital for good!

H&M is going well, the people are awesome and I am picking up plenty of extra hours…although, I am having to fight hard not to blow it all on new clothes;  trust me, they have some AMAZING things coming in for Winter. I’m also working on getting a transfer to one of the London branches for next year…meaning I can guarantee initial income; always a good thing!

Black Maxi Sheer Maxi Skirt, £9.99, H&M
Speaking of new clothes, I recently invested in this gorgeous sheer maxi skirt, only £9.99 FULL PRICE! It fits me perfectly and I LOVE everything about it, but I'm really struggling what to wear it with…any suggestions welcome!

With the Winter months creeping up on us (not that you would know it, we are having a BBQ tonight…in October!) finding a staple pair of boots is a must. I have already found mine, H&M (£29.99)…surprise surprise. Next mission is a Winter coat.

Gah, I love dressing for the cold weather! Happy Sunday lovely people.

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