Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Theatrics Of London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week has commenced once more; the city suddenly becomes home to renowned designers, models and fashionista’s alike, ready for undoubtedly the most stylish few days in the diary.

I am a HUGE fan of LFW; everything about it captures all of the things that I love most about the industry. But I have to admit that watching show highlights and flicking through pictures, is not quite the same as actually being there, like I was last year. However, I am following and already loving what SS14 is promising to bring. I still find it magical that I am just starting to dig out my cardigan and coats, yet the fashion world is already bringing us a glimpse of sunshine and a psychic sneak peak in to next Spring.

Jasper Conran SS14
Jasper Conran SS14

So lets get down to it…my DAY 1 highlight had to be Jasper Conran. Straight away, I fell in love with the catwalk itself, with its striking black and white pattern creating a real cultural vibe; luckily the clothes didn’t disappoint either. The colour palette of daring yellow and classic monochrome was extremely powerful, when teamed with bold prints and deckchair stripes. The collection being a collaboration of ladylike shapes and preppy collars, contrasted with flowing, free moving garments; creating an eclectic Summer time feel.

Antipodium SS14
Antipodium SS14

Similarly, today (DAY 2) I was amazed by some of the statement pieces in Antipodium’s collection. The pastel shades, bright tropical florals and not forgetting that fluorescent pink, made me excited for next Summer already…and I am definitely a Winter woolies kinda girl! I was happy to see a Spring-time hounds tooth revival, but the highlight was without doubt, the stunning pearlescent fabric and shimmering pleated skirts; they provoked such an enchanting mermaid feel…I WANT ONE!

One of the main things I love about catwalk and fashion in general is the element of fantasy involved. All of us watching and in some way aspiring to achieve an element, of what in most cases, is an unattainable look dictated to us by the designers. It is pretty much a full blown theatrical production. However, an area that confuses me more and more is street style at LFW.

The idea originally being to capture an element of “real style” from real people, a great way to get non-models photographed and involved with an otherwise exclusive industry. But, as its place within fashion has grown, it seems that more and more Fashion Week goers are wearing outrageously flamboyant clothes, different to their personal style, just as a way to be snapped and papped; a chance to be noticed perhaps? I can’t help but feel that this is taking away some of the street style charm, that once was for “normal” people and every day style. I know I said I enjoy the theatrical feel to fashion, but what do you think? Is it going too far?

River Island Trousers, both £35

On a more personal level, I am now working in H&M launching one of the new flagship stores this week, so some sort of temporary income is finally happening (that is if I don’t get too carried away with the discount!). I also got to spend a lovely few days with my boyfriend, which was very much so welcomed now that we are doing the whole long distance thing AAAAAND on a style note, I have fallen in love with some patterned trousers from River Island. A bit of a different shape for me, but I am DEFINITELY going to treat myself, just need to decide on the print…any help welcome!

Rather a long post, but I am feeling very fashion-orientated at the moment (all be it not in London yet!)…Happy Fashion Week people!

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