Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Change.

Well, it’s official I have been through the change (not the middle aged woman type) and have just about made it through the other side. I am not in Cardiff, in a glamorous new flat as previously mentioned, but instead have set up camp in a small town called Gloucester, in a lovely little place I like to call home. It is only temporary and certainly differs greatly from life as a student in Southampton, but there is something comforting about being surrounded by family and for a few months it will do me just fine.

 I am going to use this small gap in my life, as a way to push my writing, gain as much experience within the industry as possible and also to embrace changes about myself and maybe even my appearance (if I manage to find some funding), before finally plummeting in to a world surrounded by fashion (and food)…fingers crossed.

Rice Cakes, Low Fat Red Pepper Houmous,Rocket Leaves, Spring Onions and Tomatoes 
Homemade Vegetable Tartlet
Now that I am no longer a student where eating takeaways and binge drinking on a regular basis is considered socially acceptable, the healthy eating starts now. I am a vegetable-aholic as it is, so eating a balanced diet won’t be too hard, who knows I may even share a few of my recipes on here with you guys; bring on the 5 a day! Along with this I will be aiming to keep up a good amount of exercise, as I have been over the last few years, to ensure I am feeling fresshhhh for the future.

Reeses Cups = Tasty Treats!
Homemade Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cakes

(I would be lying if I said ALL my food will be healthy, as I have a bit of a sweet tooth when it comes to cakes and other yummies, so watch out for piccies of my latest bakes! You can’t deprive yourself from the good things in life right?)

Fashion wise, my summer holiday is coming up in a just a few weeks…I have MAJOR excited legs right now at the thought of a fortnight of sun and cocktails! But of course a holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without some new seasonal additions, so I will be sure to share with you my suitcase must haves! But for now, have a look at a few of my current wardrobe favourites…

Green Casual Tee, H&M £3.99.
Monochrome Print Shirt, H&M £12.99
Monochrome Checked Leggings, Matalan £8.00
“Pop Art” High Waisted Shorts, Topshop, £30.00

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour popping trend of the Summer months, bright green being a particular favourite. You have to be pretty daring to go for neon shades however, they can be toned down with a classic monochrome contrast, a sure hit for every fashionista! We all know that prints are EVERYWHERE at the moment so my favourite wardrobe item, these bold shorts from Topshop are perfectly on trend for Summer; they are surprisingly versatile and have a sort of pop art feel about them. If I say so myself, they will look GREAT with tanned pins. (25 days until sunshine and counting!)

Phase one of “the change” complete – keep your eyes peeled for further developments and fashionable encounters.

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