Monday, 10 June 2013

The Waiting Game

Being in limbo is a strange feeling. Despite university being a whirlwind of emotions, ups downs and a crazy amount of work, you would always know where you were at. You were a student, who belonged to a large tribe of other students, whose prerogative it was to meet loads of new people, drink all the bars dry and in turn drag yourself in to uni with a hangover that felt like death, to learn all there is to know about your chosen career path (I feel it is necessary to highlight the learning part here, so it doesn’t sound TOO much of a good time).

Take the title of “student” away from said tribe, and where does that leave us? A real life grown up, in a real world full of 21st century problems; it’s a scary thought right?

(I apologise by the way, that this post is non fashion related – with my lack of budget at the moment things are very much so unfashionable, but as soon as I get my hands on sorting my wardrobe out – everything will resume as normal)

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I am currently living on the edge…sadly not in the sense that I am doing hundreds of crazy once in a lifetime opportunities, more the fact that I am neither here nor there. Like I said…in limbo…playing the waiting game.

I have 20 days left of living a student life, being part of that tribe on the lengthy journey that is (or shall I say WAS) education and after that I come out from my sheltered life in the cocoon of University and blossom as a knowledgeable (and beautiful) butterfly! It sounds fun, I will give it that…but the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach will tell me otherwise.

This Tuesday, my boyfriend and I are off flat hunting, taking that next step and living under one roof. I am of course, super excited at the idea of having a place that is “ours”, getting all the bits and bobs that make a house feel like home and most importantly (for those who know me as the HUGE foodie that I am), finally having my own kitchen to follow in Ramsays footsteps…minus the wrinkles. But the other side of me feels wobbly and somewhat uncertain as to how my life will unfold.

Over the last few years, as I have mentioned previously, I have found an industry that I am crazily passionate about, something that (without sounding big headed) I have the ability to grow to be good at. Despite my next step in life being the logical one, I am scared that no one will want me. Now that sounds HUGELY deep and depressing, I would like to reiterate that I feel greatly wanted by my loving family, boyfriend and friends and this is not a post for you to get the violins out. I mean in the sense of my career.

For some, and quite rightly so, working in retail makes for a happy job. But I want more than that…and I will get it! Being scared that no one will want me, my crackers imagination or my motor mouth is just the drive I need to go out there and tell people that they NEED ME.

Everything seems a little rocky right now, but I am so ready to get my teeth in to ANYTHING that my new start, as a real life grown up, in a real world full of 21st century problems is about to throw at me!

But firstly…BRING ON THE NEXT 20 DAYS, my life as a student isn’t over just yet!

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