Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Garden Party.

After a long hard slog at Uni, I am back in my home town for a bit of family and free food time (I have become an expert in fridge raiding). Whenever I come home, everything seems so green in comparison to the built up City of Southampton to which I have become accustomed, as I forget that Gloucester is in fact part of the beautiful Cotswolds.

Gloucester Quays Garden Party
Easter Weekend Line Up
As an Easter treat to my wonderful Mum, this weekend the family and I went to a quaint little Garden Party event  at the Quays, it was host to numerous local stores selling anything from pot plants, cheese, pies, chocolates, cakes and much much more. I was well away, sampling all the food and as predicted came away with a few little nick nacks.

Pick and Mix Sweets

Pastel Macaroons

Homemade Cupcakes
Aside from the food, tv hit, Irish Gardener Diarmuid Gavin was providing personal tips on how to spruce up our bushes and shrubs this summer, Mum was in her element and it got me thinking about what an amazing colour palette our gardens create, proving a popular inspiration for many a catwalk collection.

Erdem, Spring/Summer 2012
Erdem, Spring/Summer 2012

For a Uni project last year, I decided to forecast a trend entitled "Rurban" for Spring/Summer 2012, focusing on the way in which city goers like to incorporate twee country ways of life in to their daily routine...maybe through planting vibrant flower displays and growing your own vegetables. It seems that the predictions were right and garden chic is EVERYWHERE.

My Sketchbook, Rurban
My Sketchbook, Rurban

My Skethcbook, Rurban

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