Monday, 11 May 2015

Create Your Perfect Pastel Palette.

It’s been a long while, a very long while. For the past year I have been completely sucked up in to the whirlwind that is my new life in London. When people said that starting out in the city was hard…they weren’t lying. No money, temptation everywhere you look, ridiculously long hours in the office (I’m considering setting up camp) and not to forget the dreaded commute. But here I am putting pen to paper (well fingers to keyboard) and writing again, because quite frankly I miss it…a lot.

I could write about all the crazy things that have happened in the last 12 months, because trust me – a lot has happened, but instead I want to share with you a trend that has caught my eye and get back to what inspired me to start writing in the first place, all those years ago.

For those of you that know me well enough, you will know that in the colour spectrum black to white, I will always veer towards the darker shades. Despite loving a bold pattern (when looking at my wardrobe from a far, it looks like a unicorn has thrown up on it) black is my go to colour, a trustworthy fashion favourite that can really make an outfit pop; but this Spring something has changed. White is EVERYWHERE and dare I say it, it’s sucked me right in; I don’t think I will ever fully make the transition to the Brightside, but for now, consider me converted.

With this in mind, as the new season stock enters the high street ready for the Summer months, a trend that has already caught my eye goes by the name of “Mixed Pastels”. I know, I know, I am sure you are thinking sickly sweet ice cream shades…been there, done that, but this year it’s a little different and certainly more grown up. This trend is not your average Cornetto but more an expensive Italian Gelato, trust me, it works.

For SS15 it is all about subtly mixing your favourite pastels and off setting them with a hint of “tan”. No I don’t mean you actually need to get a tan (good job, as for me that’s looking almost impossible this year) but instead picture your favourite sugary shades – think mint greens, powder pinks and sky blues, contrasted with tan suede shorts…maybe even some wooden platforms. Dare I say it, but it almost has a Scandinavian vibe. Why the fear surrounding the Scandi word I hear you ask? This trend has been thrown around the Urban office for what feels like forever, so much so that we are all sick of it – It’s like word vomit. But no matter how hard we try to escape it, we are all guilty of falling back in to the minimalistic trap and just keep coming back for more. I am sure you will agree it is undeniably beautiful.

Chloe SS15 Pastel Collecion 
Anyway, back to the point. If you are looking for an ultra feminine Spring transitional trend, then look no further. Sugary shades are combined with flowing fabrics, texture and layers to provide you with a refreshingly grown up, holiday style. I am especially in love with Chloe’s Spring/Summer collection and can’t get enough of their delicate lace work. Sheer fabrics and cut out silhouettes give this otherwise youthful trend a strictly “18+” rating, catapulting the new Pastel palette from Girlie to Lady-like.

For a slightly edgier look, try introducing fancy finishes to your outfit in the form of tassel’s and fringing. There has been a DEFINITE obsession with the Wild West in almost all high street stores recently and I for one am a huge fan…certainly something that I want to try and get more of in to my own wardrobe and this seems to be the perfect excuse. If like me you have a fear of looking TOO feminine (is that a thing? I dunno) give your pastels and frills a little kick by throwing in some Cowboy winged sleeves, maybe even the boots to match if you are feeling brave enough. The only rule is that it must be tan…for once, no black is allowed.

Other than that, the pastel world is your oyster or should I say Ice Cream Parlour. Remember to mix your shades, the more the merrier and to over exaggerate your textures…when and IF I ever come in to some money, I will be encouraging myself to explore this sugar coated world and who knows maybe even ditch the black skinnies for good (yer right!).

Happy Pastel mixing everyone!

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